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While fireworks can be an exciting experience for any person, it can be a stressful and chaotic event for your pets. The noise and commotion can be extremely frightening and distressing for any animal. 

The loud noises and flashing lights caused by fireworks can spook pets and cause wildlife animals to flee their natural habitats. Some pets have been known to become so frightened during a fireworks show that they have jumped through glass windows to run away. 

Here are a few tips to help keep all animals safe:

* Leave your pets at home. Most pets don't enjoy the crashing and flashing caused by fireworks and even the most trustworthy pet could become scared and run away.

* Don't leave your pets in the car during a fireworks display, as the temperatures inside the car may rise drastically and cause heat stroke.

* Don't leave your pets outside unattended, even in a fenced yard. The chaos may cause them to panic and try to escape.

* Be sure your pets are wearing proper identification in case they DO become lost during the events. IDs can help your pet find its way home to you again. Microchips are the most reliable forms of ID possible, but a collar with tags allows anyone finding your pet to get them back to you quickly.

* If you know your pet usually becomes scared at loud noises, such as during thunderstorms, be sure to keep them in a safe room, turn the radio or TV on to mask the noise. Provide lots of treats and favorite toys to help them alleviate any anxiety caused by the exploding fireworks. You may also like to speak with your vet to find some herbal remedies safe for your pet to keep them calm during stressful times.

* If you have horses or other animals usually kept in stalls, be sure they are kept calm during the events so they don't thrash around and possibly injure themselves.

* Remember not to set off any of your own fireworks near a wildlife-inhabited area. The bursting noises and flashing lights may disturb the wildlife causing them to leave their natural nesting areas. And, any stray sparks caused by the careless use of fireworks can cause serious damage by starting a forest fire.

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