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Montgomery County Cruelty Case

On September 27, 2013, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center obtained a warrant for 2306 Catalpa Drive, Dayton, Ohio. Along with the Dayton Police Department they entered the home, and what they witnessed will haunt them forever. At least 3 dogs were found dead including a Great Dane.

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Dayton Channel 2 WDTN

Dayton Channel 2 WDTN

 Dayton Channel 7 WHIO

Dayton Channel 22 WKEF and Fox 45 WRGT

Complaints about the conditions and smell from the home had been coming in for about a year. The owners had a history with the Montgomery Animal Resource Center, reportedly for running a dog transport business through Craigslist. The conditions this time were so horrendous that several dogs were found dead and the house was condemned. All the dogs were under weight, had bite marks and fleas, and due to their debilitated condition, all have bordetella (kennel cough).

On October 9, Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue was asked to help some of the 11 Great Danes that had survived the deplorable conditions. We agreed to take 8, which quickly increased to 21 when the pregnant female whelped her pups that evening. Unfortunately, due to her weakened state, 7 puppies died. On Friday October 11th the Great Danes were released and were promptly transported to the rescue, where they will continue to receive proper medical care, food and shelter.

We at Harlequin Haven GDR want to thank the Montgomery Animal Resource Center for all they have done and for what they do every single day in helping to save the animals.

Update October 13: All are responding well to treatment for the bordetella.

Update October 16: The vet was here last night to check every one out. As a matter of protocol all had complete exams including fecals. We have one confirmed case of ringworm and since all were exposed we will start treating all so hopefully it can be stopped. All will be wormed with Panacur since several had numerous parasites. Kalea is responding well to the treatment for her pneumonia so we will continue as directed. All the others will continue with the treatment for the bordetella (kennel cough).

Name DOB Comments
Kairi ADOPTED 7/13 Blue, natural ears - Female
Kaiya ADOPTED 7/13 Blue, natural ears - Female
Kalin ADOPTED 2/13 Merle with white marks, natural ears - Male  
Kaley ADOPTED 4/12 Mantle, natural ears - Female with 3 pups
Kalea ADOPTED 10/11 Merlequin, natural ears - Female with 8 pups

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