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Thank You Santa
From the homeless dogs at Rescue


Dear Santa,

Thank You so very much, Santa, for all the wonderful gifts and treats you delivered to us again this year!! Some of the Danes & Dogs  have never had a Christmas before, let alone received all the gifts and treats we found on Christmas morning! Some even thought we were lying when we told them about you on Christmas Eve. But now, all know that you do exist!!

Hopefully, all of the dogs available for adoption will have the ultimate gift in the New Year and receive forever homes!! That is really all they wanted this year but, hey, toys and treats are a close second!

We would like just 1 more gift please, Santa, that people stop buying puppies from Backyard Breeders, Pet Stores and any Breeder that is not responsible for the puppies they breed, for the entire life of that puppy! On Christmas, while we were playing with our new toys, we heard Grandma's frustration as she talked to someone who wanted to bring their dog to the Rescue, they had gotten a new puppy and no longer wanted last years Christmas puppy!! We hope that Owners become more responsible and train their puppies/dogs. A trained dog is a good dog!! People need to realize that puppies are puppies no matter what breed. Puppies chew, puppies tear things up... the difference is a Dane puppy does more damage than a Chihuahua puppy!! We are dismayed when we hear from someone who is surrendering their dog that a 1 year old Dane was not a Gentle Giant like the book said!! REALLY PEOPLE, do you believe everything you read? I am sure they do after all they saw it on the internet!! People need to think before buying a puppy and then immediately start a family, only to dump their puppy. Are they going to dump their 1st child when they have a 2nd child??? And don't forget the owners who dump their dogs because the new man or woman in their lives tells them it is either the dog or them. Well, it shouldn't be the DOG!!! Any person that gives you that ultimatum is toxic and should be dumped ASAP!! People need to think before adding a dog to their homes, are they willing to do whatever it takes to keep that puppy/dog for 10-15 years?

Oops, sorry about our rant!! We cannot believe how lucky we all were to all receive several toys each plus tons of Christmas cookies and chews. We know that you realize that some of us have enjoyed your Christmas gifts here at the Rescue for several years now and we also know that the Rescue will be the forever home for some of us. But because of you, we all do believe that dreams can come true. You made this Christmas special for all the homeless dogs at the Rescue!! We greatly appreciate all you have done for us again this year. Ari

Santa, please let all the wonderful people who donated to support the Rescue throughout the year, as well as this holiday season, know how much we appreciate them. Without their generosity the Rescue would not have been able to afford to save many of us. We don't want anyone to think we do not appreciate what they do for us, because without them, there would be no Rescue for us and the many dogs to come in 2023.

Hugs and Slobbers and Love from
All the dogs at HHGDR

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