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A Gentle Giant Speaks
Written by the homeless Dogs at HHGDR

So you want a Great Dane Puppy? A "gentle giant" to raise with your children? Well, I wanted a forever home that would love me for who I am, not what they think I should have been. You say you did your research; you say you researched breeders before buying. Yet you admit when you arrived at the breeder you purchased me because you felt sorry for me and could not leave me behind.

The human race is supposed to be smarter than a dumb dog. Well, apparently that is not true. A smart person would not have purchased from my breeder.

Yes, you removed me from that place, but where are you today when I am homeless? A smart person would have walked away. Yes, that would have been leaving me behind, but all you accomplished was to enable the breeder to breed more puppies to end up homeless just like me.

You paid a lot of money because your research showed that spending more meant you were buying from a reputable breeder. Yeah right. You paid a back yard breeder (BYB) or puppy mill. You enabled more puppies to suffer--more puppies to end up homeless--more not lucky enough to end up in Rescue.

A reputable breeder would have taken me back and not allowed me to be homeless. So you gave me away "Free to a Good Home" because I did not match your research of a perfect Great Dane--a perfect gentle giant.

Mom and Dad, let me tell you a few facts about Great Danes! We are not born gentle giants. We are born puppies. Just like other puppies, we chew, play, and get into mischief. Danes, just like people, are not cast from one mold.

We are all different just like you humans. Not every tall man is a basketball player just as every tall skinny woman is not a model.

If humans were smarter than dogs then you would not be buying from BYBs, puppy mills, or pet stores; you would be smart enough to know that like humans, no two dogs are the same, and none are perfect!

But the sad reality is that even after all your research I am homeless. No thanks to you I was lucky --I ended up in Rescue instead of being euthanized at the shelter where I was dumped! Yes, Mom and Dad, I ended up at the animal shelter with hundreds of other homeless dogs. That wonderful home you gave me to also dumped me just like you did! I have had five homes in a single year and now am homeless! When I was dumped at the shelter there was not enough room for me. I was scheduled to die and thanks to the Rescue I was saved just minutes before I was to be killed

The Rescue is smarter than you. They know that I am not perfect and they love me for who I am--not for what some stupid book or Web page says I should be!  

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