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Andy's Story
Written by Andy, a Dane that died in Rescue

My name was Andy, and once I was a very beautiful Great Dane. I was a beautiful fawn puppy and my sire and dam were beautiful Champions. In fact my pedigree was full of Champions and my breeder was well known. I was sold as a pet to a young person, and I spent the next 6 years by her side as her companion and friend. It was a good life. One day my owner got married and soon after became pregnant. Shortly after the baby was born, I was sent to the Great Dane Rescue.

I did not worry much at first. I had always thought I would go to live with my owner's family if something like this ever happened. I also knew that my breeder would always take me back if I fell on hard times. So it was just a matter of time until someone came for me. So I waited!

It was not so bad at the Rescue. Grandma loved me like I was her very own. But there were so many of us and it seemed like every day some new homeless Great Dane would arrive. But they were strangers after all, and I knew I didn't really belong there. I had been a special house pet all my life. I missed having my very own mommy, my very own couch, and toys. I was different from the others, or at least I thought I was. I had a fine pedigree and came from a very reputable breeder. So of course it was just a matter of time. So I waited!

No one came. I waited for months, feeling alone and forgotten. No one ever came for me. And today I died. Grandma held me in her arms as I passed. I was glad to have had these special friends. But where were the people who should have been here? My owner never even called to see how I was doing. Her family didn't want me. After all, they had the new baby. My breeder never even returned the call from Grandma. Wasn't my life worth at least one phone call?

I was a great Great Dane, a faithful companion and friend. Like all Great Danes, I bear no grudges. But for Great Danes everywhere, I will speak my mind. I should NOT have been abandoned and forgotten in the last days of my life!

My friends at the Rescue should not have had to endure the heartbreak and pain that came with my passing. Whatever can we do to make people realize that they must accept responsibility for the creatures they bring on this earth? Whatever can we do to teach people to be responsible for their pets?

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