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Free to a Good Home?
Written by the Danes in Rescue Against "Free to a Good Home" Ads.

Will it be a good home? Will it be free?

When you see that “Free to Good Home” ad on the bulletin board at work, at the store, or in the newspaper, think twice before calling and saying that you will take the dog. Remember that NOTHING in life is free!

I am a rescue dog who has had one too many of those signs posted about myself, and one of the things I can tell you is that the person who posted that sign did not care about me. He did not care what kind of home I went to, nor did he care whether or not I ended up at a kill shelter, or even if I was starved, or was hit by a car, because my new owner let me run free. All he cared about was that he could say he found me a “good home.”

When people decide that they just have to have that cute little puppy for whatever reason, they should remember that they are taking a living creature into their home, and SHOULD be responsible for its well-being for the rest of its natural life. Sad to say, that is not the way it is in too many instances. We live in a throwaway society. When the toaster breaks, throw it away and buy a new one. When little Bobby gets bored with the goldfish and won’t take care of them, flush them down the toilet. When the dog doesn’t work out, dump it just like yesterday’s garbage.

Well, I AM NOT DISPOSABLE! I have feelings, and I know the heartbreak of losing what I thought was my home. When you put up that ad, “Free to a Good Home,” you really did me wrong. Why did you want a puppy? Did you not know that puppies chew? Did you not know that puppies have accidents? A puppy is not different from a child. Would you put up a “Free to a Good Home” sign for your child?

You told the people who came to look at me, “Oh no! He never has accidents. Oh no! He never chews.  Oh no! He never jumps on people.” Why did you tell them that? Why did you tell all those lies about my behavior?  Did you think they would not figure it out? You knew that if you told them the truth, they would not want me. Well, YOU made me what I am today! Now I have had so many homes I have lost count, but do you care? NO, you do not care! After all, you found me a good home!

I am a lucky dog, though. Now I am at the Rescue, and they WILL find me a good home. They do not take their responsibilities lightly. They respect me even with all my faults, and I respect them for being the people who opened up their hearts and home to me when no one else wanted me. They made me feel loved and wanted. They will work with me to help me correct the bad habits that you and my other homes taught me. They will teach me to love and trust again.

Yes, I am speaking from experience, and I thank God every day that my last home sent me to Rescue. NOW I have a chance to find a really “Good Home.”

Written by the Danes in Rescue Against "Free to a Good Home" Ads.

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