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Is Rescue too Strict?
Written by the homeless Danes at HHGDR

People say the rescue is too strict, and that is why so many of us homeless dogs are still at the shelter.

But is the Rescue really strict enough??

If it is, it is because of Duke whose owners made him lie in a cage with no bedding for 8 plus hours a day.

If it is, it is because of Angel, may she rest in peace, who was hit by a car. Her owners promised she would never be off-leash, but she was.

If it is, it is because of Monty, whose owner needed to learn how to handle a giant breed dog.

If it is, it is because of Harley, may he rest in peace, who did not receive the proper medical care.

If it is, it is because of Mike, may he rest in peace, who hung himself when tied in the yard.

If it is, it is because of AJ, may God watch over him wherever he may be, who was placed out of our area and has disappeared.

People say they will walk us, they say they will give us the medical care we need. They say all these things, but our family at the Rescue has learned that some people lie. If people are not going to do what they say, who suffers? My friends and me at Rescue, that's who!

Don't get a Dane or a Saint or any dog if you are not ready to make a life-long commitment! Remember we have feelings. We thought we had our forever homes when we were pups, but NOW we have been dumped. Many of us have been in KILL shelters, scared that our turn to die was next. Now we want a family that is willing to commit to us like we will commit to them!

Now, if you still want to adopt a 100-175 pound baby, then read Bonding and Transitions. Read them until you understand and comprehend what you have read.  Remember the first few weeks or months may be rough, but what in life is easy? If you are not willing to do what is needed, go to the department store and buy a stuffed animal, and leave us at the Rescue where we will receive the medical care, shelter and love that we need!

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