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Letter From Your Old Dog
Written by the old dogs at HHGDR

When you brought me home, you said I would be your baby forever. You gave me all the toys and love I could have ever asked for. After you had two-legged children, I had to take a back seat, but that was OK because they gave me the love and attention that you no longer had time for.

Now you have brought me here. You told them that you can no longer keep me. You said that I am falling down and cannot walk, or was it that I have suddenly become aggressive? You have given so many excuses that I can’t remember what you said today. Who do you think you are fooling? No one believes your lies. I have grown old, and I have changed just as you will one day. Why are you being so cruel to me? Is this my reward for giving you all my love and devotion? Have you thought about what you are teaching your two-legged children?

It is strange that a dog that yesterday could not walk, today can run and play with the other homeless dogs. It is ironic that a dog that yesterday was so aggressive, today gives love to everyone who comes to visit. We both know that you lied to excuse your callousness in dumping me when I got too old. I hope that one day you will realize the pain and anguish I suffered when I was suddenly abandoned by the only family I had ever known.

I gave you the best years of my life only to be thrown away without a second glance like yesterday’s garbage. You soothe your conscience by telling yourself that you did what was best for me, but you know that is a lie. It was what was easiest for you! Very few people want to adopt an old dog. Lucky for me that the Rescue has said that I can live the rest of my life in their home just as if it were my own.

I just thank God that the Rescue knew that you were lying, and the truth was that I was cramping your style. When you grow old, and feel the pain and sorrow of being neglected or abandoned by your children because you would cramp their style, remember that your children are just following your example. You have taught them well!

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