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No Guarantees
Written by A Homeless Dane at HHGDR 

There are no guarantees in life! You may think there are but you are wrong as usual. For instance, dumb humans think getting a puppy will guarantee that when it grows up that no matter what it will work in their home! Wrong!

Just like with humans, personalities and temperaments develop over time. Yes, some have to do with the environment and hereditary but we still all develop in our own ways to be our own individuals. So many humans just assume that the puppy will learn what is right or wrong but that does not happen without training.

Most humans assume that because a puppy is raised with another dog it will love the other dog. Yes, the puppy may live in harmony with the other dog 99% of the time but just like children dogs fight. As humans you are supposed to be the smart ones and learn to train and correct us dogs. Unfortunately that seldom happens. Just remember no two of us are exactly alike!

So next time you go looking for a cute puppy to raise so it works out in your home, remember that all the homeless dogs started out as puppies and their owners thought the same stupid thought that no matter what, we could be molded to perfectly fit their life style.

Just remember we are not clay that can be molded to suit, we are living breathing creatures who have our own personalities! Love us for who we are, not who you think we should be.

After all isn't that what you'd expect us to do?

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