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Santa's Coming to Town
Written by the Danes at HHGDR

Oh boy! Is it time for St. Nick to bring toys and goodies to all the good little boys and girls?

I wonder if us dogs at the Rescue will get new toys and goodies for Christmas-or will we get another lump of coal like we did from our owners?

I do not understand people! They claim to love us and say they are going to provide us with a forever home, yet we end up homeless-many before we are a year old, many when we are old and gray. Many of us were dumped last year so our owners could make room for the new Christmas puppy, after all, we were no longer "cute and cuddly puppies."

Of course we can't forget the owners that dumped the Christmas puppy right after the New Year because he tore a hole in the couch and pooed on the carpet. What part of never leave your puppy unattended did they not understand? Do parents NOT want to teach their children proper responsibility? With that goes the proper care of a pet and that includes showing them by doing it themselves.

I just loved my owners! I gave them every thing they could ask for. I jumped on them just like they taught me, I played tug of war and chewed up towels just like they taught me, I would take stuff off the counters just like they taught me, and then I end up homeless to make room for this year's Christmas gift.

When my owners dumped me, the reasons they listed shocked me-after all, they taught me everything I know! My owner said that I was purchased for his children and they did not take care of me, after all, it was their job to take care of me. I wonder what he will say when he gets old and gray and his children dump him, after all, he has taught them well!

This holiday season and throughout the year please do all of the dogs in Rescue around the world a favor and learn by our owners' mistakes and follow the list below.

Do NOT get a dog or pet for a child unless YOU as the adult plan on caring for the pet.

Take the dog to obedience-seldom does a dog that has had obedience end up in homeless or in Rescue

Do NOT teach your puppy any cute tricks unless you think they will still be cute tricks when they are all GROWN up!

Do research prior to getting your new dog-learn about the breed and what to expect. Do you know how wrong it is to be a Great Dane and DUMPED because I got too big? What do you expect from me? You picked the biggest puppy in the litter saying that you wanted a BIG dog!!!

Buy the puppy a crate so that he is safe while you are gone and so that he doesn't get into things that you consider valuable. Crates are not a bad thing. Consider it like you do your bedroom.

If you can't afford to take proper care of the pet then DON'T get one, as with children, it doesn't get cheaper with age. Remember the bigger the dog the more it will cost.

Last, but not least, remember the homeless dogs and puppies in shelters and rescues, before helping to add to the overpopulation of dogs in the world. ADOPT! Don't buy from a breeder!

Now it is Christmas time. Me and my friends are homeless and there is no way all of us will get homes before Christmas. We sure would like to have a Merry Christmas too!!!! We sent Santa our wish list and told him how good we've all been and we even had Grandma tell him that we were really good kids! After all it's not our fault we are homeless.

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