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Some Dogs Have All The Luck
Written by a homeless Dane at HHGDR

Did you ever notice how some people have all the luck? No matter what they do in life they always come out on top. The same phenomenon pertains to dogs too. But, of course, for all the dogs that hit life's jackpot, there are ten times those amounts of us that seem to have no luck!  For them, every time things seemed to be going well, they are dumped or abused!!!


Many years ago I found myself at Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. I was quite happy here, but like all of the other dogs, I wanted a family I could call my own. One day that family showed up!! Along with a mom and dad my family also included other dogs, and that was great because we all loved each other and all of us were happy. Then one day mom and dad decided to add 2 legged children to the family. When you are already struggling financially, children are an added financial responsibility.  After the 2nd child our parents lost our house, and soon after we were all homeless. My brother and I came back to the rescue and we watched our mom and dad drive off.


The following Christmas my wish was again granted and I finally had a mom and sister of my own. My sister had been adopted from HHGDR and my new home seemed stable. I dropped my guard and started to trust and love again. A short time later our mom took in a 2 legged child and weeks later a baby arrived along with a dad.


My sister and I started to feel like we were no longer part of the family. We were either locked in our crates or left outside by ourselves. We tried running away in hopes mom would realize how important we were, and it worked for a short time. But now, 6 months later, she has decided we are too dirty to be around children, and we must go.


Lucky for us grandma at the rescue still loves us and wants us back. It is also lucky for all of the dogs at HHGDR that grandma and all the volunteers care more about us than many of the humans out there!! We are still trying to figure out humans and commitment. We are also trying to figure out why some dogs have all the luck!

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