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Tis the season to Dump!
Written by the homeless Danes at HHGDR

Another Holiday season is upon us and YES another season to dump the beloved pet! What is wrong with today's society? What is wrong with the human race?? Humans are suppose to be the smart ones, but we dogs can tell them a few things about dumping at the holidays.

Yet another call came into the rescue this morning a woman wanting to dump her Great Dane because he got too BIG!!! What the heck did she think she was buying 10 months ago a Chihuahua???? She was crying and whining about not being able to keep him in her apartment because he was too big and she did not have a yard for him to play in!!

Did the lack of a yard change since you got your puppy? NO But it did get cold outside and GEE you NOW are not willing to walk your puppy like you said you would and GEE he wants to run and play like any other puppy and you do not want to play with him outside now that it is cold!!! SURPRISE!! This is called winter!!!

You complained he is chewing up the apartment well again NO surprise!! It is called being a puppy, puppies chew!!! Put the poor puppy in a crate when you are not watching him for his safety as well as your precious belongings! Oh that is right you think crates are cruel and too expensive!! When the puppy chews something and gets an intestinal blockage, the vet's bill will be a lot more than the cost of the crate, as will the loss of the deposit on your apartment or repairs to your home!

Every year this happens Christmas is coming and YES so are the dump calls!! Everyone wants to dump their puppy so they can get a new puppy!! How do we know? Well that is easy because we lived it and many of us were those Christmas puppies!! You can always tell when people are planning to get another puppy they do not want to even send us off with our leashes and collars--after all they can use them on the new puppy when it starts to grow up!!

When you were told by the rescue to call your breeder to see if they were responsible breeders and would take your puppy back, you claim not to even remember them! Who are you fooling? You had no problem finding them when you wanted the puppy, now did you? Then you threaten the rescue that you will take your puppy to the County Animal Shelter-- what a great Christmas present that is for the puppy that loves you and adores the ground you walk on!! Listen to us dogs, threatening a rescue that is already full is not helping, nor is it making our Grandma feel guilty it is making her as mad as it is us dogs!! Please stop trying to transfer your guilt from dumping your dog to the rescue that is struggling to survive because of people like you!

Okay NOW so we don't go through this again next year (please, God, let us not go through this again next year!!) let us dogs teach you humans a thing or two.

1) Do your research before getting a puppy! Trust us dumb dogs Great Danes get big, REAL big!! Believe it or not we grow up just like human babies just a whole lot quicker!!!

2) Be responsible, do not purchase from a Pet Store or a breeder that is not responsible. Be responsible adopt from a reputable rescue that takes their dogs back no matter what their age!

3) Do not get a puppy for a gift or even at the holidays! That is unless you want your tree knocked down and the presents under the tree eaten and a lot more stress for both you and the puppy! That stress could cause behavior problems down the line!!!

4) Don't get a dog or puppy off of list like Craig's list and DON'T put your dog or puppy on Craig's list, that is, if you care anything about them!! Look at poor Ainsley and Landon, they are prime examples of why to stay clear of Craig's list! They would have been in a reputable rescue months ago but a stupid human thought they could get a litter of puppies to sell at Christmas! The human greed for money just amazes us dogs!

5) Learn the facts, more dogs are dumped during the Christmas Holiday season then any other time of the year.

Now do the right thing be a responsible owner and get a crate and start walking and playing with your puppy/dog, winter only last a few months. If you still must dump be honest and admit that you did not think out your decision to get your puppy!

Okay Santa we know this letter was a bit harsh and yes we still would like Christmas presents but the biggest and best Christmas present all of us could have (other than forever homes, of course) would be seeing the end of dogs and puppies being dumped during the holiday season!

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