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Written by a homeless Dane at HHGDR

I am unadoptable. Why you ask? Because a dumb human stuck his hand in the middle of a fight and I was blamed. I got into a fight with another dog and when the human tried to break it up he got bit. Of course during all the commotion he knew it was me and not the other dog. Yeah, right!

Why me? Why am I to blame for a human mistake? Why must I live with a �bite history� and not the other dog? Because the other dog was his favorite! They say I am dangerous but am I really? If two humans get into a fight they are not doomed to a life of exile! I did not kill the other dog; I was only fighting to protect myself, yet now I am doomed. How is this fair?

Why do I not have any rights? Why am I not innocent until proven guilty, as in a human court of law? Why do people only listen to other people and not listen to us dogs?

My owners knew me. They knew I was not aggressive, yet they did not love me enough to stand up for me, it was easier to dump me than to protect me!

Yet I would have given my life for them, how sad is that?

I was a lucky one; I had the Rescue to fall back on. I am now at the Rescue where I will be safe and loved for the remainder of my life. I will never again be eligible to look for a forever home of my own. But there is something to be said for living at the Rescue. Here we are allowed to tell our side, here we are innocent until proven guilty, here we are loved as much as we love.

For more information see Tips To Bite Proof Your Family under Canines & Humans

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