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Pickaway County Dogs

On December 24, 2005, we were notified of Great Danes in need of help in a cruelty case in Pickaway County Ohio (South of Franklin County). We immediately let the Circle Area Humane Society know that we would help them in anyway possible. On December 27th, 4 volunteers for HHGDR went to assist the Humane Society as well as pick up the Great Danes that needed our help. 

December 27: When we arrived we were given a tour of the home and we were shocked, appalled, and sickened at the deplorable conditions to say the least. The smell when the door opened immediately took your breath away. To see Great Danes crammed into airline crates that would have been too small for a Labrador Retriever was bad enough, but to see them eating their own feces and drinking their own urine went beyond anything we could comprehend. Rats were running around the floor as if they owned the house.  Airline crates were stacked on top of airline crates, all were filled with something whether it be cats, kittens, rabbits, or dogs. All were living in the same deplorable conditions. The bathtub was filled with empty jugs, the shower showed it had not been used in years with the built up filth. Dog feces covered the floors wherever airline crates weren't. In my life time I had never seen anything so deplorable--and to think a week earlier a woman lived in this house. 

As soon as the Veterinarian arrived we gladly went to work removing the dogs. We went there for the Great Danes but quickly agreed we would help to save all these animals. As the Veterinarian examined each dog it was loaded in a vehicle, as soon as that vehicle was loaded, it left to take the dogs to HHGDR where other volunteers waited. As the dogs arrived they were let out to run and stretch their legs and get a fresh drink of water. The dogs were so thirsty for fresh clean water that we had to limit the amount of water intake. Then the dogs were taken to their crates, we had decided they had enough stress for one day. The dogs could not believe that they could stand and turn around and even had clean bedding to lay on. At the end of the day we had 10 Great Danes, 3 Basset Hounds, a Silky Terrier, and a poor sickly Cocker Spaniel mix. 

Click here to view pictures of the Dogs during Vet Check

December 28: The next day we began the process of bathing the dogs. At first they were terrified but within minutes they were enjoying having the filth washed off of them. Each dog was bathed at least 3 times to remove the filth and stench. When we took them back to their crates they were given clean bedding again and each strutted like they were in the show ring. I have never seen dogs so proud to be clean. The ones that feared human contact the day before were leaning and kissing and begging for more. For dogs that had lived their lives stuck in filth, feces and crammed in airline crates they were quickly learning that there was a better life. 

Medical treatment has started for all. One Dane had chewed half of her tail off, another still can't straighten his back legs up due to the cramped living conditions, the Cocker mix has puss oozing from around his eyes and open sores on his back, and the Silky has little hair left due to flea allergies. All the dogs have sores from laying in their own urine and feces. 

We received a call from the Humane Society president that the dogs have been released and now belong to HHGDR.

In the meantime we helped the Humane Society in their search for rescues to help the remaining animals.

December 29: A HHGDR volunteer was asked to transport the remaining cats, rabbits, and mixed breed dogs to Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia. When he arrived to pick them up he found out that the remaining 8 Basset Hounds were not going to rescue as earlier planned. It was then decided that we would take the remaining Basset Hounds. A quick call to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Cincinnati was made and when we informed them of the situation they agreed to take 4 of the remaining 8 Bassets. A few hours later the volunteer arrived with his SUV loaded with cats, rabbits, and dogs. We quickly unloaded 4 Basset Hounds so he could continue to transport the animals to safety. Each Basset was given a bath and fresh bedding.

We now have 10 Great Danes, 7 Basset Hounds, 1 Silky Terrier, and 1 Cocker Spaniel mix.

December 30: The dogs are all thriving at the Rescue, learning the routine and excited to have human contact, clean soft beds, fresh food, and water. The dogs are now learning to play and each day we see them improving. It still amazes me that just 3 days earlier all these dogs were afraid of humans.

January 7: It never seizes to amaze me how forgiving dogs are. These dogs have lived in filth, feces, urine and with lack of human contact yet they are so eager to please. All are doing well at the rescue. Several have went to the vet to be altered and or checked for health issues relating from the abuse. One Dane and the Cocker mix have appointments with Dr. Ketring to have their eyes checked this coming Tuesday. Yesterday the 11th Great Dane arrived, the Humane Society had originally kept her because a volunteer had wanted to adopt her but since has changed her mind. Each day we see improvement in the dogs.

January 10: The visit with the eye specialist went well for the Dane they do not feel she has any problems. The Cocker mix they believe has dry eye and have started him on medicine and will recheck in 6 weeks.

January 14: Many of these dogs are now ready for adoption.

We at Harlequin Haven wish to Thank the Michigan Basset Rescue and the Ohio Basset Rescue for stepping up and taking the Basset Hounds. Anyone interested in adopting a Basset should contact them.

UPDATE February 20: When these dogs came in we quickly scanned them to see if any were micro-chipped and unfortunately we missed 3 so far that were. All will be rescanned again to verify if anymore were missed. At this time we have found that Christine, Joey and Brutus (the Silky) were micro-chipped and the trail leads directly to the Hunte Corporation and Petland!!! The Hunte Corporation is shipping puppies across the US without regard to where they end up and Petland who claims to care about the homeless problem is doing nothing but adding to the overpopulation of homeless dogs in shelters! Petland sells to anyone that has the money to buy the puppy!

How can rescues and shelters compete with the Hunte corporation, they are a multi-million dollar company we struggle to make ends meet and they continue to sell puppies. We need you, the publics help!! Let the Hunte Corporation, Petland and the Puppy Mills know we will no longer tolerate this treatment of Man's Best Friend!!! Stop buying from Pet stores that sell puppies, spread the word to all that will listen and remember that not buying that one puppy may save hundreds of others from being in that same position!! If they can't sell them they won't breed them!!! Please Boycott Petland and its corporate sponsors Nutro Pet Foods & Coastal Pet Products and let them know why!!!

It will be a long expensive journey to rehabilitate these abused dogs--please donate to help us help them.

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